Nothing says the beach quite like a nautical red stripe… and to top it off this is even more perfect in the fact that it’s a bodysuit. I love me a good bodysuit. Especially the scoop-back on this one! I think they’re figure flattering for a lot of different body shapes. However, I do understand not everyone is crazy about them. I like the fact that it doesn’t get out of place and aggravate me. I have no bigger pet peeve than for an outfit to be uncomfortable. I’m nicer when I like my outfit. Anyone else? Any-who, I loved this specific three quarter link sleeved bodysuit so much I purchased it in three different colors. (Because I paid next to nothing for them) They’re a great transition piece for spring.

At this point you know I’m a sunglasses freak. These were extremely inexpensive, and a must have for my wardrobe. Just channeling my inner Audrey in this specific pair. I mainly chose these because I didn’t own a black pair. (Shocking, I know!) The shape stood out to me, and I liked the fit on my face. You do you- find your style and own it!

These chambray crop pants are everything and much more. They go with so many types of tops. Versatility is the pattern here in case you missed that. (Laughing at myself as I type this) I’m a creature of habit.. but aren’t we all?  I just love them. They’re a must for those cool/crisp spring and summer nights.

Oh, these Torys are life! I have been dying for a pair for quite sometime. I finally found a deal on them. Here’s a little secret you might not know about.. there’s a Tory Burch outlet in Orlando. Around holidays the already discounted items are even cheaper, because they have additional sales on the items. I snagged this pair.. and my favorite part about them (besides the fact that they’re gold-obvi) is the fact that I bought them for less than my Jack Rogers. If you’re a Tory fan you know they’re pretty expensive. I was stubborn, and I would not buy a pair until I found the perfect price. The outlets are the only way to go anymore. Don’t overpay for something you can get at a good price somewhere else. You just have to know when and where to shop! XOXO




Similar Chambray Crop Pant

Stripe Bodysuit


Pearl Studs

(My all-time favorite pearl earrings)

Classic Red Lipstick

Tory Burch Miller Sandal

 (I linked the Torys, but they’re not on sale. If you can’t make a trip to the outlets just for these sandals.. check online around black Friday and cyber Monday. They usually put them on some sort of sale around those times of year.)

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