Sunshine {Yellow} on a Cloudy Day💛

Well, as you can see, the easter lilies are in full bloom. Along with {April Showers} come {May Flowers} and who doesn’t need some cute little rain gear to go along with it? The answer is no one. Colors, colors, and more colors are in for spring, my loves! I’m obsessing over anything and everything with a bold color statement to it. Color is in, that’s for sure! Pictured below is my favorite spring color of nail polish (Model Citizen.) If you haven’t tried the Essie gel polish, I highly recommend it! If you’re anything like me keeping regular nail polish from chipping is extremely difficult. However, with this gel polish made by Essie it lasts much longer for those, like myself, who don’t feel complete until your nails are done. (I know you know the feeling.) The gel topcoat by Essie is LIFE CHANGING! I put it over all of my nail polishes, and they last so much longer! One of my best finds yet! I didn’t own a lot of yellow, so I decided to branch out a bit with these little lovely additions to my closet. The Jacket is lightweight and a perfect spring transition piece. Plus, the price isn’t bad at all! I instantaneously fell in love with these little Jack Rogers Booties. For more reasons than one. Since it is becoming more like spring with the weather, everyone needs some classic pieces that can be worn for all different types of weather we have here in our ole Kentucky home. These booties come in multiple different colors. They are the perfect weight, height, and comfort level for those days of puddle jumping. Also, the gold scallops are just an adorable addition that make these such a cute little statement piece. I could buy them in every color! Plus, they’re on sale! My favorite kinda shopping. I went with a classic, clear bubble umbrella because it can be versatile with any of the rain boots in my closet. It never lets me down on those days of sideways rain on campus. Y’all know what I’m talking about! When the wind blows the rain up under your umbrella causing you to be drenched all through the activities you have planned for the day. Eww, the literal worst! But fear no more, this bubble umbrella will help get rid of those rainy day blues. Heres to keeping you dry and stylish in the rainy days to come! Links below. XOXO


 Jack Rogers Booties  | Rain Jacket | Bubble Umbrella Gel Polish in “Model Citizen”

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