Mascara and Caffeine☕️💕

The shirt says it all, my dears. Coffee and Mascara are some of my favorite things. A Dunkin Donuts Carmel iced coffee specifically and the blackest black mascara you can find. Sometimes being a girl is fun. Putting on mascara is one of those times for me. I love it with everything in me. My graphic tee is the exact same style as my “all the feels” graphic tee featured in an earlier post. Aerie has the cutest/ softest tees on the market. 10/10 recommend them. My favorite part about this tee is the scoop-back. This feature makes it girly, fun, and different than any other plain graphic tee. I love little details as such, and I’m constantly looking to find unique styles for my wardrobe. These BDG jeans are some of my favorites because they’re so SO comfortable. They’re stretchy and you can’t even tell you’re wearing jeans. My favorite kind. The outfit itself was pretty simple with the black and white colors. So, I added the pop of pink tote. It’s my newest favorite item for spring. The pictures really don’t do it justice. And the tassels just set it off. I’m obsessing over any kind of tassel this season. They’re hot for spring.🔥 Since we’ve had beautiful weather the past few days I added a simple cognac wedge. Cognac because it’s versatile. Wedges because they’re comfortable. Since it’s spring and colors are big for spring I tried adding little details of color into the ensemble. Slightly pictured are my multicolored earrings. It’s the little details in an outfit that make it unique to you and your style. Make it your own is the best advice I can give you. Lastly, we had a cute little visitor for our photoshoot today. Aunt life is the best life.💕 Links below. XOXO

Graphic Tees | Twig High-Rise Jeans  | Similar Wedge (awesome price!!!) | My bag was purchased at the Kate Spade outlet just recently.

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