{Crushed} on Velvet

As if you couldn’t already tell by every piece in this post I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that I have a texture fettish right now. Tights, purses, dresses, jackets in faux suede, crushed velvet, faux leather and patterns. It’s kind of ridiculous just how extreme the texture thing has gone, but I just learn to roll with things. Any who, I’m thinking from this outfit that once you go cognac you never go back. Have y’all converted yet? I used to be an all black everything kind of girl, but I have seriously come to love me a good cognac neutral. If you haven’t switched over yet I honestly don’t know what you’re waiting for. That’s not to say I don’t love black.. I definitely do, but if you go cognac in shoes and purses you can also wear it with black. Whereas, if you’re wearing all black I feel the outfits are limited. Here we are again with my mauve color. It’s just so SO pretty. This dress was a whopping $15 bucks. Totally worth it, and you could for sure dress it way up if you wanted to. The season of crushed velvet everything is upon us ladies.. so get your closets ready! That won’t be unachievable with prices this fabulous. Over the knee boots are also up there on the list of must haves for the season. Mine came from a little boutique in lex, and I paid $20 for them. Unfortunately, when you get great deals like that it can’t be duplicated because most of the time it’s by chance that it happens. I just suggest being diligent in your search for the perfect pair for the perfect price. That’s how I buy all of my items for my closet. I picture something in my mind, and then I wait until I find the almost perfect combo before purchasing. Because who wants to pay too much for an item you can find much cheaper and maybe even cuter than the expensive first item you see. Shopping is an art, and if you get good enough at it you’ll know when to hold em and when to fold em. Links ⬇️. XOXO


Similar Faux Leather Jacket

Similar OTK Boots

They’re dainty, but maybe you noticed my pandora rings. So, here’s the links to those as well. Daisy Ring , Twisted Stackable Ring

Purse from @Kate Spade outlet.

I’ve linked all similar items price wise.

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