Patterned with Prints


Mixing patterns and prints in today’s post, and I just so happen to adore it. First of all, this scarf… SO much love for this scarf. It seriously adds the perfect twist to anything I put it on with. I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting that at all when I bought it, but it has surprisingly been a piece I will continue to mix and match with. Since the polka dots are subtle I thought I could get away with mixing patterns here… and let me just tell ya, the pictures don’t even do it justice. This combo was a 10/10 win for the day. Everybody knows it, everybody loves it, everybody wants it… The herringbone vest that is. It’s a Jcrew classic that everyone has replicated, and even though you may not have known the proper name.. well, now you do. Mixing patterns is completely ok as long as it’s done in a way that doesn’t say, “I threw random pieces from my closet on.” If you try to put two “loud” pieces together it will be apparent, I promise. Do it tastefully and you’ll be a show stopper for any event. I even mixed in a third pattern with the tortoise Karen Walker dupe sunnies. I’ve had my eye on the Karen Walkers for a while, but lets be realistic here. If I didn’t own a ridiculous amount of sunglasses already I might splurge and buy them, but the replicas in this post will do. This look was simple to put together, it just needed a little thought as to whether the patterns worked together. My recommendation for any outfit is to try it on. You will never know how something looks together until you try it out. If you envision pieces together all you can do is try. Sometimes they turn out to look like an actual baked potato (that meme gets me every time). Sometimes they go together like Blair and Serena, Brooke and Peyton, Betty and Veronica, or Lorelai and Rory. You’ll never know until you do some trial and error with the pieces in your closet. Until next post, stay lovely. XOXO Links at the bottom.


Herringbone Vest

Scarf in Black or Gray


My favorite Karen Walker dupes.. and they’re 40% off right now with code SOGOOD

Similar Top

My favorite Jeans, ever

Shoes in Pink

They don’t have the black online for me to link, but I’ll link a similar black pair as well.

Similar Shoes

These flats are similar in texture and look.

Similar Crossbody

If you aren’t looking to splurge heres a recommendation for a similar crossbody bag below. Your wallet will love this one!

Crossbody Bag

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