Sporty Chic


Do I have some goodies for you lovely people today. This casual look is simple, but sometimes less is more. I’m obsessed with some of the pieces featured in this post, and I can’t wait to share them with you. Anyone else channel their inner Spice Girl on occasion? Well, today I was feeling like Sporty Spice to the maxxxxxx. Give me some 90’s R&B jams and I’m good to go! (If the love isn’t 90’s R&B I don’t want it) Am I right, or am I right? Heres a little throwback I’d forgotten about! It’ll have all you 90’s babies feelin’ all the feels.

I Swear- All 4 One



When your jacket matches your lipstick that matches your sunglasses… But now– onto this comfy, cute, casual look of the day. (OOTD) The three C’s for an outfit that will help you make it through this lovely Thursday we’re having. Whether you’re off to class, or on the go this outfit will make it easy to do any type of activity you planned for today. The pop of {Pink} jacket might be one of my favorite jackets in my closet. It’s the perfect weight for the brisk days we’ve been having lately. Not too heavy, but not too light. Plus, it adds a little personality to any outfit you pair it with. See, I feel like my inner Elle Woods really comes out when I’m wearing anything pink. I’ll just go ahead and tell you Pink is also my signature color. (Thanks, Elle!) I try always to see the pink side of life if you will. Pink makes me happy– therefore, I recommend putting a pop of your favorite color with the outfits you choose to wear. I know pink isn’t for everyone, but a pop of color always adds a fun twist to any ensemble. I’ve linked a couple different jackets below. The pink is on sale! You know by now I love a great deal. Your bank account will too!

Pink Northface JacketDifferent Colors Northface Jacket


These leggings are my all time favorite leggings I own. If you’re like me I live in leggings on a day to day basis. So, having multiple pairs is essential. I was looking for a pair that you couldn’t see through because we all know that would be a nightmare. I love this pair because they sculpt and shape everything to look nice, and you can’t see through them. Also, I told y’all I’m a high waisted kinda gal. These are no exception. They’re high waisted and the reason I love them so much is because I don’t have to worry about my shirt riding up in any kind of activity I choose to do that day. I’m comfortable and thats the most important thing to me. Plus, you don’t have to pay those Lululemon prices for a great addition to your closet. I could buy multiple pairs of these leggings for the price of one pair of lulu’s. I’ll call that a win. I noticed it’s buy one get one for ten dollars right now too. WINNING!

Aerie Hi Rise Legging


These sunglasses… I may or may not have a sunglasses fettish. This pair is way up there on the list. Gold is my neutral go to- always! The pink/purple lenses just make me feel like I really have my life together when they match my jacket. I’m a matchy matchy kinda girl. Side note: I love a great deal and really hate spending a lot on things I know I can catch on sale later. Every pair of designer sunglasses I own I got on sale. Sunglass Hut has promotions every now and then. Sometimes online and sometimes in the store they will have a 20% off coupon. It isn’t much of a deal, but it beats full price any day. If you’re looking to buy a pair check the store during times right before holidays like black friday, memorial day, and labor day.  A lot of times many stores have sales around holidays. With this outfit I even went so far as to match my lipstick to it as well. This bright pink is one of my favorite lipsticks I own. You’ll love it too for a perfect color pop with any outfit. If you caught my last post you’ll have noticed that I like Urban Decay Vice lipsticks. This is also Urban Decay. Shown in the color Menace: medium Fuchsia Pink. Love, Love, Love it! 

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick- Menace

Rayban Pink Aviator


Now, lets talk about this sweatshirt dress. The website is a gem of a website let me just tell you. I found it on Pinterest. I kept seeing all kinds of pins linked to this website, but I just never took the time to look at it. I am so glad I finally did. They have such great prices, and for the prices you pay the quality of the items are amazing. Granted the items come from China and I was skeptical to order things from a website that I didn’t know anything about. However, I trusted the website because I could use my PayPal account. I tested the website by ordering this dress to see what the item actually looked like when I got it, and I am thoroughly impressed with how great the item looks in comparison with the price I paid for it. ($9.99… and there was free shipping!) I will definitely be ordering from them again! It did take quite a while to receive my package, but it was so worth it. I will say this is more of a thin shirt dress than a sweatshirt dress as described on the website, but I like the weight of it! The item also runs a little snug, I would suggest going up a size for length and comfort.

Sweatshirt Dress



The latest and greatest addition to my closet are these Nike tennis shoes. OMG– you’re gonna die! When I ordered these I was not expecting to fall in such deep love with them. I had been looking for a pair in this color for quite sometime, but I didn’t want to spend a great deal of money on them. Therefore, I held out until I found the perfect pair for the perfect price. Unfortunately, they are out of this color but they have multiple colors for different prices.(the pink would be my second choice) Go check them out! You won’t be disappointed. These are the most comfortable tennis shoes I own! Light weight, and so so comfortable… you need them!!!




The last item on the list is this fabulous little Kate Spade watch! Let me just tell you about this great little deal I found. So, I was looking for an everyday kind of watch. I have a dressy gold watch, but I wanted something that was a bit more casual for outfits such as this. I wanted a leather strap, but the one I had picked out was wayyyyyy too expensive. So, being the avid shopper that I am I waited and looked around for quite sometime. I was determined to find what I was looking for, but for a great price. Low and behold I went to TJ Maxx and found the perfect steal. I love me some TJ Maxx.. you can find great designer things for great prices. Unfortunately they might only have one of the item so it’s not likely that they will have this exact same watch again at your TJ Maxx. However, they might have something similar if you keep your eyes peeled for a great deal. If you’re looking to buy one very similar and don’t have the patience to wait I’ll link one from macy’s below. If you are looking to buy the one I link check out their Friends and Family Event I talked about in an earlier post. I’m pretty positive Kate Spade watches are inlcuded. They’re all pretty expensive right now. So, I would definitely wait for a sale event to buy it. The last one I linked is on sale, but still  bit pricey for my liking.

SimilarSimilarSimilarLeast Expensive Kate Spade Watch

Y’all hop on into the day in an outfit similar to this. This is the perfect look for getting everything ready for those fabulous weekend plans you have made! Until next time. XOXO




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