IMG_6217.JPGValentines Day feels with this one, girls. Did anyone else make mailboxes in elementary school for valentines day? Too bad we live in a world where you receive Valentines Day text messages and snapchats instead of the good ole handwritten stuff. I’m all about some festive holiday attire, and this 90’s nostalgic choker does just that with this ensemble. Where my 90’s girls at? Feels, ladies feels. I bought the choker and heart shaped earrings at Forever 21. Trust me when I say they are running over with chokers. You just have to dig to find what you’re looking for. If you’re anything like my friends.. this store gives them real anxiety. It is a bit overwhelming if you go in without a plan. I typically know what I’m looking for when I enter the store, but all in all you can find some fabulous goodies if you tough it out. (M&M and Roomie Meg— cough, cough)

Similar Heart Shaped Stud

Tons of Heart Shaped ChokersIMG_6216.JPG

This top, this top, this top… Can we just talk about it?  Lacy, dainty, girly, and adorable. I’m obsessed, and guess how much it costs? You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. Here’s a link below. It comes in three different colors, and you’ll love them all. I personally went with the white because I tend to buy black clothing more than any other color. Not that that is a bad thing.. I just have a ton of black clothes in my closet. Trying to branch out a little here.

Off the Shoulder Lace Top


High waisted anything.. I’m all over it. Just call me retro, but I tend to gravitate towards the high waist styles in more than just skirts. I like the way high waisted things fit my figure. Here’s a style tip my mom taught me many years ago– Learn to dress your body type. We’re all different, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being different. However, when it comes to clothing I like to be body conscious of things that do and don’t look good. This is mainly because if I’m not comfortable in something I won’t wear it.  Know your style and own it, ladies! Differences make the world go round’. Suede studded skirt was purchased at American Eagle Outfitters. I love the zipper in the front that makes it unique. Also, it has pockets. Can you say functional and adorable???

Similar Hi-Rise Skirt , also Similar, and Ripped Hi-Rise Skirt (All adorable, and either would be similar to the look in this post)


Boots: over the knee boots are a hot commodity right now and I’m diggin’ them too. These were purchased at Macy’s during their boot sale in the fall. Heres a secret about Macy’s that you might not know about.. twice a year they have a Friends and Family sale event. This includes almost all of their designer things (Michael Kors, etc.) The event usually takes place during October and sometime in April. So, if you have your eye on something that doesn’t usually go on sale check out the Friends and Family event. Sadly, they don’t really advertise for the event.. Hence, you have to keep a close watch as to when it is going to take place. I suggest checking online periodically to see when to catch it. You might catch ya a great deal! (My kinda shopping) Here is a similar pair of Jessica Simpson boots, and they’re on sale!!



Peep the adorable hearts that I added to this outfit. Subtle– but festive.

Now, lets talk a little makeup. I’m wearing probably my all time favorite lipstick here. Bold statement, I know but it is a perfect day-to-day lipstick that looks great with any outfit. (Urban Decay- Rapture Cream) Be sure to buy the cream.. the Rapture Sheer looks completely different than the one I’m wearing here. It’s a perfect mauve color that goes with basically anything. I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick (Rapture Cream) The link isn’t working, but if you go to the Ulta website and type in “rapture cream” the lipstick will show up.


Y’all are getting the inside scoop on all my favorite go to’s in this post. I’ve tried a lot of eyeshadows, and my all time favorite is my Too Faced Chocolate bar. The shadows made by Too Faced are amazing. So, I’m sure any and all eyeshadow palettes they make are to die for. They last all day long. I know fifty dollars is a lot to spend on a little palette of eyeshadow but they legitimately last forever! It’s a great investment because you don’t have to use a huge amount in order for the shadows to look good. Therefore, the palettes last a while. It is absolutely worth every penny. I think the chocolate bar is my favorite because the eyeshadows make my blue eyes pop. (check pinterest for some awesome tips on how to make the color of your eyes pop.) I love them the most out of any kind of eyeshadow I have ever tried. I know you’ll love them too.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar


So, whether you have a romantic date night planned, or a Galentines day with your favorite GNO partners this is a perfect look for a V-day on the town. All the things I’m wearing (clothing, makeup, or jewelry) are classic pieces that I’m sure I will pair differently in future posts. That’s what I love about classic statement pieces: you get more bang for your buck. Enjoy your Valentines Day with whatever you have planned. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a secret admirer. XOXO 💋

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