Dressed for Less

We’re dressing for less on the blog today. I am totally and completely up to the times with all the fashion forward things and new trends. However, companies like to use those things against shoppers like you and me to try to take all of our money. Since I like to be up to date on the latest trends I also like to get the most bang for my buck. If I just went hog wild and bought everything I saw with a designer label in it I would be in for a world of hurt. (in my bank account) Most of the time the labels in things are really the only distinguishing difference in items.. and lets be real nobody is going to be looking at the tag in your clothing anyway. Go for the less expensive item if the quality of the items are the same.  I usually don’t pay full price for anything. There are some instances in which the item I want won’t go on sale, but the best advice I can give you is to wait it out. If you see something you like, chances are it will go on sale eventually. With this precious little maxi I’m wearing you need not wait to order. Remember the cute sweatshirt dress from my sporty look? Well, this dress came from the same website I was telling you about in that post. Cupshe.com is a real dime for avid shoppers like myself. They seriously have the cutest stuff, and the quality is amazing for the prices you pay. Wanna know what I paid for this dress? In your mind you’re probably thinking, “Twenty-dollars is pretty cheap for a maxi dress.” I am here to tell you that this price will astound you. I bought this dress for $9.99. Can you believe it? Ten dollars for this dress, and it was free shipping, because a lot of times the website might have good pricing, but they will get you with the shipping charge. Nope, not this one! I love it so much I ordered it in both colors. It’s simple, lightweight, and just an all around good go-to dress for those days when less is more.

The strappy cognac sandals were also a steal I found at TJ Maxx. I have a cognac pair of Jacks that I wore basically everyday during the summer. The color is so versatile it legitimately goes with anything. I wanted a strappy pair for days when I wanted to keep the same color scheme, but switch up the style a bit. TJ’s is coming in clutch with this pair.. and basically with everything– since forever.

The choker was just a little something extra I felt added to the look I was going for that day. The neutral color wasn’t too much, but it still showed  a little bit of my personality. Forever 21 is 10/10 with the choker game. Also, extremely inexpensive. The trend for the blog today!

I love these clubmaster sunglasses featured in this post. Number one: GOLD! Number two: tortoise. These, specifically, are a pair I fell in love with because I liked the colors next to my skin tone. The classic black were not for me because they were too harsh against my skin. (fair skin probs) However, I found the less harsh color scheme in this pair and fell in love. They’re a great investment. Remember, sunglass hut has promotions occasionally! Don’t overspend on these when you can wait and save a little money!

You know I’m a lipstick lover. Lips: Stila lip stain in the color Ricco. It’s a bomb bold lip for days when you’re feeling sassy. It’s one of my favorite maroon/ burgundy lip stains, ever!

Maxi dresses are one of my all-time favorite things to throw on because they’re simple in the fact that I don’t have to search for an outfit.. but still look extremely put together. My favorite kind of outfit is one that I don’t have to work extremely hard on. Outfit flow is easy with a maxi.. just for future reference. You will probably see many more similar looks in the coming spring and summer months. Happy Monday! XOXO


Similar Maxi Dress (apparently they sold out of the dress, but I linked a similar one) | Versatile Cognac Sandals Here , Here , and  Here  (my sandals were purchased at TJ Maxx. Check in stores for a similar pair. They might still have this exact pair.) | Stila Lip Stain in Ricco | Choker Similar Here , Here , Most Similar Here | Clubmaster in Tortoise brown/brown

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