Southern Belle {sleeves}

It’s almost bean boot time… can I get an amen?! Seriously, I cannot get enough of my L.L. Bean boots. I purchased them in the year {2013} and they are STILL in mint condition. They are such a functional addition to any closet that I’m telling you if you don’t have a pair You. Need. Them. Just trust me! Especially if you have to be outdoors when it gets cold and rainy or it’s pouring the snow, but your feet literally freeze in rain boots. Fear no more, because I have the perfect solution for you. I recommend ordering the thinsulated, and like the website recommends order a whole size down. They run large. The camp socks from jcrew are just a fun little {warm} addition to the boots that I recommend for when those crisp fall days turn straight chilly. These will help in keeping your feet warm and dry in the days to come. You’ll be so happy you ordered them for winter and the cold fall days ahead. If you couldn’t tell by my rant… I legitimately adore these boots. Well, moving onward… Another admirable piece we’ve got going on in this post is the adorable sweatshirt. Not only is it comfortable and functional it’s also so cute because of the ruffled sleeves. Thank you fashion designers for this ingenious way to wear a “hoodie” but still being able to be stylish for fashionistas like myself. These little pieces are so popular in all the stores right now. It’s the latest and greatest for the fashion world. Do yourself a solid and go getcha one. So cute, so comfy, so affordable, so worth purchasing. What I think I love most about it is the fact that it’s comfortable, but you can still kind of dress it up if you wanted to. Add a hat, or some fabulous earrings and you can jazz the look right up. Those are my focal pieces for this post.. Links below. XOXO

Bean Boots

(20% off today only!)

Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt


Camp Socks

Similar Bag

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