Sweater Weather


Today we’re talking sweaters on the blog. Not just any sweater, a staple cream sweater for your winter wardrobe. When I think of winter and sweaters in my mind the color cream stands out to me. I feel as though it is a classic staple piece for everyone to hold in their possession. Since were living in the ages of fashionistas I’m featuring a staple cream sweater with a flare. This sweater has a classic look but with a fashionable little twist that shows through the balloon sleeves. I like to buy pieces that can be carried through the times. Sometimes things can hold a certain trendy trait that makes it’s not as versatile for the long run. However, this sweater is just trendy enough but not too terribly trendy that it will be a piece you can carry into many winters to come. All around it is a great investment. It’s made to fit a little slouchily and it makes it so comfy. You will adore it! And the best part you might ask? It’s 50% off right now! The two phrases that can change a girls mood: I love you and 50% off!

Obviously this scarf has been seen for a few seasons. Maybe you love it, maybe you think it’s basic. Personally, I adore it. It just makes me think of Christmas time. I love the combo of hunter green with red and a light camel. The color combination is just all the heart eyes. It has just enough of a color contrast but it isn’t too drastic. Basically just an all around great purchase for the holiday months.

I decided to add my mint hunters in the mix because the scarf had a similar light blue tone in it. Normally I would deem the Mint as a spring color, but since I could match the scarf with it.. it worked nicely.

Suede it such a fun addition to a winter outfit. It’s warm, and adds a little personality to any OOTD. It’s been featured before, and it will probably be featured again in the future.

Links at the bottom, as usual. XOXO –Stay Lovely

Balloon Sleeve Sweater

Sweater 50% off right now!


Sunnies 40% off with code NEWNOW

Blanket Scarf

Mint Matte Hunter Boots

Similar Cognac Suede Skirt

Hunter Boot Socks

Navy Tights

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