Patches of Pink and Pom Poms 

It’s just like a former cheerleader to gravitate towards the pom pom details in an outfit. I’ll just go ahead and say if you’re not into pom poms and tassels you should probably just skip spring fashion because they are EVERYWHERE. I’m obsessed. I think they’re so cute and fun and remind me of younger days. Nostalgic, if you please. I am repeatedly going to feature these jeans. I can pair them in so many ways it’s ridiculous. Like, why wouldn’t you want something so versatile in your closet? There is a simple answer to that question. Everyone wants versatile pieces, period.

Peep the tassels on the purse and on my ears. I will preach this from now until forever: the little details in an outfit will make or break you. I plan from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Little details are forever the way to make a ballin’ OOTD. (Outfit of the day for those not up to date on your acronyms.) Also- this bag is only fifteen dollars and the earrings are less than ten. You cannot beat that. In my opinion you would never be able to tell if I hadn’t told you how much they cost. They look more expensive than they actually are in other words. Your bank account will be so thrilled with you.

If you’re sick of seeing poms and tassels we’ll move on to block heels. Something that is even more popular in stores these days. I mean, you literally cannot look in a department store right now without seeing a million pairs of block heels. I’m not complaining one bit, I absolutely adore them. The height is my favorite part. I’m not a five inch stiletto kinda girl. I’m just not. I do not like for my feet to hurt, and I like the height God gave me. I’ll stick with it. So, a short block heel is right up my alley. These especially, because they are super comfy, and the price is unreal. Do yourself a favor and order them.

As always my B&B bangles occupy my wrist. I literally wear them with every outfit. I’ve accumulated them over time because they are fairly expensive to buy all at once. They’re my favorite because a lot of times you can find unique bangles in different places at different boutiques that might not ever be seen again. I love that I can create my own set of arm candy and it can be unique to me and my style. Do yourself a solid and go get some. B&B sold @Peggy’s and @Monkees in lex. They always have good selections.

Of course the sunnies were featured in my last post and Y’all know my love for them is real.

The the details are at the bottom. XOXO

P.S. Im not pale, its called porcelain and I rock it. Or so I like to think. Tans are overrated, and damaging to your skin. I’ll link my favorite self tanner in a future beauty post. It’s a dream for fair skinned people like myself.





Pom Pom Crop TopHere

BDG Twig High Rise JeansHere

Tassel EarringsHere

Crossbody Tassel BagHere

Arm Candy: Bourbon and Bowties

Block HeelsHere

Sunnies: Quay Australia Rose Gold

Phone CaseHere (I paid ten dollars for mine. Not really sure why this one comes up at fifty. Check walmart first.)

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