Bloom Where You Are Planted🌷

The Flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. To me, a flower stands for every lovely thing I could ever think of. Amazingly, flowers are so delicate, beautiful, and just all around one of the most extravagant creations on this earth. So, when an article of clothing has representations and/or flower details on it I instantly fall in love. This shirt was created specifically for me by a friend of mine who designs all of his clothes. The flowers are so fun and girly, and if you know me 99.999999% of the time you’ll catch me in something pink, or something that has a touch of pink on it. So, he nailed it with this shirt. I thought the earrings were such a cute addition to this outfit because it incorporated most of the colors from the pattern on the shirt. Again, here we are being matchy matchy as per usual. You seriously cannot go wrong with a denim button front skirt. If you don’t own one, I highly suggest adding this piece to your closet. I can’t tell you the number of things I have worn with this skirt. The possibilities are endless! Hope your weekend is full of flowers and all things lovely. XOXO Links at the bottom.

Same Earrings: Different Color

Same Earrings: Solid Pink

Not your regular denim skirt (Mine was purchased at Gap Factory but it sold out. The one linked is currently 40% off.. and is a little different than your usual denim skirt. Unique if you will.)

Shirt Here

What St.Peter.Clothing Stands for: Why it was started is as follows: “First off, clothing is something that I love and has influenced/ inspired me. From Graphic tees to the most intricate cut and sown pieces; something about it has always resonated with me. So, I guess you could say that I am a more simple form, and I love clothes. Secondly, I started St.Peter.Clothing because of the lack of Christian influence and the lack of impact christianity has in the clothing/ fashion world. There is an enormous amount of influence and impact that clothing/ fashion has on the youth of today, and even more importantly its impact on this generation. So, I created St.Peter.Clothing as sort of a solution to the views of the coming generation. When you look at the current climate in the fashion or clothing world, it is saturated with immoral and wicked ideology. So, I intend to change it through St.Peter.Clothing. Thirdly, overall making St.Peter.Clothing is a combination between both my religion/ ideology and my love for clothing. Promoting biblical and christian morals is an aspect that is lacking and mostly missing in the fashion industry. My hope is to keep making and creating modernized approaches to clothing. Our motto at St.Peter.Clothing is Design to inspire, inspired by the divine.” If you’d like a customized piece contact Simon Robinson to get yours via his Instagram @St.Peter.Clothing




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