D🍩ughnut you want to be a Kentuckian, too? 

Can I just say that I love where I live? If you’re not from Kentucky let me just give you a little insight. We love our state, our team (Go Cats), our families, our Sundy dinners at Grams, and most importantly our Jesus. Not only do we love this beautiful state that we reside in, but we love plastering our love for this state in as many ways as possible. We rock our Kentucky Blue whether it’s gameday or not.. and as you can see in this post even on a holiday such as national doughnut day we have a way to represent our love for KY then, too! Shop Local KY created some of the cutest Kentucky attire and I couldn’t love this shirt any more. It’s one of many that I’ve purchased from them, and you should definitely invest in some shop local gear if you haven’t already. The vintage K tees are probably number one on my list, but I’m also loving this doughnut KY shirt as well. Since me and my brother love to hit up Krispy Kreme when that hot sign is on, I figured there was no better way to represent that than a doughnut state of Kentucky. Am I right, or am I right? I also showed another state detail in the necklace I chose with this outfit. It’s a dainty, gold state of Kentucky from Alter’d State. I love Alter’d State and what they stand for. They carry some adorable things, and this necklace just being one of many that I’ve fallen in love with. (Hit up their volcano candle the next time you’re passing through. It’s heavenly!) Y’all already know my love for this denim skirt. Enough said! Lastly, I’m featuring my Jack Rogers Jelly Sandals in this one. I love the white, and the large Jack Rogers emblem on these sandals. They’re perfect for summertime, especially those months of unexpected showers (and not wanting to ruin your jacks but still wanting to look cute). Y’all know the struggle. I panic if I think I’ve worn my nice jacks for a day of rainy weather. The jellies are perfect for that, but they’re also perfect for dry days as well. I just wanted to be adamant on the fact that they are a versatile piece for your closet. You need them! Plus, the price of the jellies are much cheaper than the originals. It’s a definite win/win with these shoes. Links always at the bottom. XOXO

Donutucky Tee

KY Necklace

Similar Jelly Sandal

Similar Pink earrings Here , Here , and Here

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