Floral Frenzy and My Girls 

Auntie, Sissy, Sissyboo, and Boo are some of my favorite words. It doesn’t matter what they call me, the words leaving their little mouths are music to my ears. Being an Aunt is one of the greatest blessings I have ever received on this earth. With an Aunt you have a forever best friend, and I’m lucky enough to have that with three special little humans. Through the tough times of life they get to be the little bright spots in everyone else’s day.  When I saw these cute little matching tops with this dress I knew I had to get them to match my baby girls. Since the days they were born they have been a blessing to me, and helped me in ways they will never even know. I didn’t know this kind of love existed until I received it not once, not twice, but three times with Gracie, Eliana, and my little baby Carson (not pictured). The hopes and dreams I have for them are immensely immeasurable for this life, and I will always be there to encourage them to set their goals high. They can be anything they want to be if they set their little minds to it. If I could tell them anything it would be, as Toy Story said, they’ve got a friend in me. Always and forever your Sissy, sissyboo, Boo and whatever other kind of nickname they want to come up with I’ll be just that. XOXO Links below, as always.



Added the dysfunctional picture above because it made me laugh, and couldn’t be a more accurate depiction of aunt life.


Floral Dress , Alternate Style, Same Pattern

Lucky Brand Chunky Heel: Similar Here and Here

Girls/ Toddler Tank: Here (Sizes are limited)

Girls/ Toddler Chambray Shorts: Here

Jellies: Here and Here

Girls Cognac Sandal: Here and Here

Bows were purchased at a store in Louisville at The Mall St. Matthews for $1.50 each. Not sure the name, but it’s near the food court.


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