Cozy Up

Alright, I’ve withstood the pumpkin phenomenon for as long as I possibly could… The basic white girl in me (and that’s in all of us.. don’t even act like you don’t have it in you too) is just dying for pumpkin EVERYTHING! Mugs, candles, body wash, deep fried pumpkin roll. Like, you name it and I’m all over some pumpkin stuff. Even in my decor I have been wanting to put out our pumpkin decorations (Sorry, Meg) since the middle of August. However, I have refrained from doing so until now. I know, you can give a round of applause for my self control. (Only joking) Anyway, with fall comes a few of my favorite things: football, bonfires, festivals, cozy movie nights at home, fall nail and lip colors, pumpkin patches, and the lovely crisp fall air that allows us to wear those cozy hoodies we adore. With this post I felt cozy, and like I could do any of the things that I love most about fall. And what do we do in fall? We gather. As seen in the sign below. I just can’t articulate enough how much I love everything that goes along with autumn and the warm cozy feeling it gives me inside. With that being said, the outfit was extremely simple to put together and it can be found just a click away at the bottom of the page. I hope you’re enjoying the lovely start to the season we’re having. Happy Fall Y’all! XOXO

Mug from Kirklands. It’s sold out online, so I couldn’t link it.

Pink Bralette

Similar Cozy Top

High Rise Skinny Jeans (My Faves/ go-tos)

Peep Toe Lucky Brand Heels (Sizes are limited)

Since sizing is limited in mine I’m linking a similar look here

Nail Color Here

Lip stain in Ricco

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